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We have your Very Hard to find Windows XP upgraded Immulite 2000 for sale? Great Value!

We also offer Manufactuer Trained Immulite 2000 Service! – 844-673-7378 

The Immulite 2000 Reports 490 Plus Different Allergy Tests and over 97 Routine and Esoteric Assays including 3rd Generation TSH! Super Reliable! Cost Effective!

Siemens Immulite 2000 for Sale! The Immulite 2000 Analyzer is Super Reliable and Very Cost Effective!

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Every Immulite 2000 comes with Precision and QC Data! 

Proof of Performance before you invest one nickel! Complete Service Warranties with every purchase! We give you confidence with ongoing support so you can focus on your business and leave everything else to your Service Professional!

Why do you need Precision and QC Data Before You Invest?

Why does MRDS bother with Videoing the Immulite 2000 units offered on this site?

Why do we UP GRADE all our Immulite 2000 systems to Windows XP?

Why should you Purchase your Immulite 2000 from MR Diagnostic Services?

Meet your Dedicated Service Team! ready to serve!
You are never alone! your guys are here for YOU!
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"We started Mr diagnostic services as a family business for a reason! We understand how important it is to trust the people you work with..."

“As CEO of our family business my goal is to do everything I can to help make your experience with us Profitable, Easy, with the Peace of Mind of knowing we have your back. In short we follow the Golden Rule. I have over 37 Years of Medical Equipment Field and Depot Service. My sons are all well educated in engineering, customer support, parts research, and all aspects of providing stellar services to you on an ongoing basis. Ready to serve!

Joe Decker MRDS

Joe Decker - CEO & Customer Sales

MR Diagnostic Services


"I am always here to help! Training and support is critical for your success and I take that very seriously! Just give me a call"

“With our companies 37 plus years of hands on experience in medical equipment repair and refurbishment, I will make sure your system is refurbished to the highest standards. Each system is calibrated along with Precision and Quality Control testing. This data is sent with your system when we ship it! No questions on performance and we prove it. Every system also comes with our quality promise warranty to you! Ready to Serve"

Sam Decker MR Diagnostic Services

Sam Decker - Depot Service Manager

MR Diagnostic Services

Test Menus & Technical Specs

Test Menu Immulite 2000 and 2000 XPI

Full Allergy Menu Immulite 2000 and 2000 XPI

Immulite 2000 XPI Technical Specifications


"I am always here to help! my goal is to give you all the tools you need to SUCCEED! Ready to Serve, Just give me a call"

“MR Diagnostic Services is primarily a service company. Most instrument companies will sell you the "box" and if you need help your kinda on your own! We do it all for you from professional manufacturer trained refurbishments, to parts sales, to online and phone service support! We also provide full service delivery, installations, training and ongoing support for all the system we sell! You get the complete deal! You have my word."

Drew Decker MR Diagnostic Services

Drew Decker - Service Manager

MR Diagnostic Services


"I work with every customer PERSONALLY to make sure the system and the FINANCIALS are a perfect fit! I love finding ways to help!"

“MR Diagnostic Services is a family run business. As a family business my goal is to do everything I can to help make you much more profitable in an easy, fast, and affordable way! We all do our best to live by the Golden Rule to do good. Give me a call and let me help you find the prefect solution to your unique situation. Call me at 844-763-7378 or fill out the short form! Ready to Serve! Are you ready to make more money?”

Dustin Decker MR Diagnostic Services

Dustin Decker - CFO & Customer Sales

MR Diagnostic Services

Immulite 2000 Running Windows XP!

Enhancing the Laboratory workflow

    • 90 day onboard stability of reagents minimizes waste
    • Maximum throughput of 200 tests per hour
    • Super reliable system that will provide profits to your lab of years
    • Re-run, dilution and reflex capabilities to minimize technologist time
    • Up Graded to Windows XP including a new Computer Mother Board and two drives. 
    • Critical Data files updated ever time you log off the immulite software on to the second drive for safe keeping and easy access when you need it!

    • Re-Certifed and Refurbished Systems Available
    • Manufacturer Trained Engineers
    • Delivery, Installation, Training, Parts, and Service Available!
    • We can provide you with everything you need. A Re certified or refurbished system, with delivery by the installing engineers, operator training, on going service, parts, and reagents.
    • We do it all for you. Call us today and find out how we can make your re certified system a one call event! Most sales companies will sale you a system and that is the last you will hear from them. We are primarily a service company so you get a great system with all the support you will need!

Complete Services Available!

Immulite 2000 for Sale

User Friendly Software

    • 19 inch touch screen monitor for easy navigation
    • Color coded consumable levels always available at a glance
    • User configurable dilution and reflex testing to meet laboratory needs
    • Cost effective automation available through connectivity through VersaCell® solutions
    • Scaleable connectivity to Siemens track based automation solutions

Immulite 2000 XPI also Available!

Immulite 2000 XPI

Immulite 1000 and 1 Plus also Available!

Immulite 1000 for sale
MR Diagnostic Services
Here's is just a Sampling of what our customers are telling us! 

"The MR Diagnostic Services Engineers are well trained, know what they do, courteous, and sincere..."

“I have used MR Diagnostic services for service and repair of my Immulite 2000 (a number of times). The MR Diagnostic Services Engineers are well trained, know what they do, courteous, and sincere. As a Small business owner, I appreciate the above qualities, plus their are very affordable fees/prices. I will recommend them any day to anybody who may need their services”

Dr Ekweani – Frisco Urgent Care and Clinic 

Frisco TX.


"Their on-site service is impeccable..."

"Their on-site service is impeccable..."

” Our lab regularly use MR Diagnostics Service for preventive maintenance and repairs for our Immulite 1000. Their on-site service is impeccable, and they are always willing to provide follow-up assistance via phone or email. We highly recommend MR Diagnostics Service."

Reinaldo Cooke  -Oregon State University



Watch Your Immulite 2000 in Action!

Have Total confidence in your Investment by not just seeing the data but watching your Immulite 2000 Run! 


Immulite 2000 running Windows XP, Upgraded Motherboard, in action including QC, and Precision data! Hurry.

Immulite 2000 for Sale Guarantee
Save and Profit, With total confidence!

The Team here at MR Diagnostic Service are totally committed to Excellence and we back it up with our 100% money back guarantee. We are Confident That your Immulite 2000 will give you great service, profits and ease of use for Years to come! If your not happy we are not happy! The whole crew is with you in Your investment 100%. Get yours today they are going fast! 

Dustin Decker MR Diagnostic Services

Custom Financing Available!


Help us Help You Get the Perfect Immulite 2000 System that you need to Profit & Excel!
Hurry Limited Supply!

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